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Electricity is one of the main systems added by QPTech.

Instead of volts, electricity is measured in flux, paying homage to redstone flux in mods from Minecraft. Connected devices form a power network that shares all storage, generation, and usage like a giant power pool on that network. (Power network creation/merging/splitting is handled automatically in the background)

  • Most devices will transmit power to adjacent devices (some may only transmit power in some directions)
  • The earliest power source is the primitive electric generator
  • Attached devices form a power network automatically - power networks share all generation, storage, and power usage across their network. Networks reform on their own when new devices are attached or renewed
  • copper cable can be used to link most electrical devices
  • ground cable and electric junction can be used for transmitting power over shorter distances
  • most electrical devices can be switched on/off from a menu - right click on the object to turn it on and off. If a device is off it basically doesn't exist, and will not transfer power
  • Any extra power is stored in any attached battery Attached batteries work together to form one large pool of stored power (batteries are expensive, but it is definitely worth building at least one early on!)
  • Any power shortage will automatically draw from any attached battery if available
  • Although various voltage levels (LV,HV,EV) etc are mentioned throughout QPTech, they are not used per se, and are just guides as to how much power will be used
  • There is no limit to how much power can be transferred on a network, if you have insufficient power some devices will not function
  • There is a mechanical power to electricity block, but it is not considered stable, hopefully will be fixed one day! (Similarily there is an electricity to mechanical power block that is not quite functional)
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