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The fluid transport system of QPTech allows you to transport and store fluids in Vintage Story.

Key parts:

  • Pipewrench - right click on the different faces of a fluid pipe to enable/disable connections on that face
  • Fluid Pipe - comes in bronze and steel (no difference in functionality) will auto link to various machines and containers
  • Fluid Tank - comes in bronze and steel (no difference in functionality) can store 100L of fluid, retains its contents when broken
  • Fluid Pump - forces fluid to go in a certain direction, use pipe wrench to change direction
  • Soaker Pipe - will keep farmland moist in a 3×3 area above it


  1. Place your pipe blocks, they will automatically connect as needed, including to barrels, fluid tanks, and machines
  2. When attaching to fluid tanks: only connections on the bottom of the tank will drain the tank, connections to any other side will fill the tank
  3. Fluid mixing is not possible, a set of pipes will lock to the first fluid it detects
  4. if you place a pipe over a barrel it will automatically create a spigot to fill that barrel - use the wrench to prevent this if desired
  5. if you place a barrel on a pipe it will create a drain and drain the barrel
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