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QPTech is a tech mod for Vintage Story

You can download it here: QPTech

I made this mod, as I enjoyed playing with the various tech mods in Minecraft, but generally I like Vintage Story more as a game. Before I knew it, I had started QPTech. Andy also does a lot of work on QPTech; most of the better graphics are his work! (Except the wrench, I made that myself darnit, even used references!)

I've taken inspiration from bits of various Minecraft mods, including Immersive Engineering, Create, and GregTech (though I am not an expert on any of those mods). I also have played a decent amount of Satisfactory, a bit of Dyson Sphere Project, though curiously I never really did get into Factorio.

QPTech is definitely a big divergence from Vanilla Vintage Story which is very tied to realism. It seeks to provide neat things to build which will reduce the grind inherent in VS. The end goal of QPTech (which is far from finished) is to provide plenty of tools for larger scale buiding. (I mean there are lots of big amazing VS builds, but for me personally, the grind to make them is a bit heavy). The best time to start QPTech is after you have an established vanilla world, probably you've gotten to the iron age. (Also you probably would want to have at least gotten to the steel age in one of your play throughs)

Want to get started, check out the list of machines or maybe the Tech Progression/Getting started guide.

Development of QPTech started in early 2021.

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