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Welcome to the QPTech wiki!

Hopefully this wiki will eventually be a useful resource for all things QPTech!

QPTech is a tech mod for Vintage Story

QPTECH's primary feature is electricity (see “temporal flux”) and machines to automate common tasks in the survival mid- to late-game.

Many of these machines have several moving parts that will need to be crafted from iron and steel tier components, with the payoff of less busywork and increased efficiency without breaking the survival aspects of the game.

Join the QPTech Discord! If you need more help or want to contact me, this is the best place!

Watch the QPTech Youtube Channel

Donate to support QPTech on Kofi!

I also have two other vintage story mods, Rust & Railroads and Chisel Tools.

QPTech was create by me, with lots of help from Andy, and the Vintage Story modding community.

QPTech adds a new electricity system and various machines, tools, and parts. Other systems added are item transport and fluid transport. Just getting started? Check out our tech progression guide.

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